Category: Space


Our universe may be a hologram: study

Our universe may actually be two dimensional but appears three dimensional – just like a hologram, according to scientists, including those from India, Zee News reports. One of the most fruitful theories of theoretical...


The Great Space Twins Study Begins

When serendipity hands scientists the perfect experiment, they don’t hesitate to jump on it. That’s surely the case with NASA’s improbable study of Scott Kelly, who has just completed the first month of a...


NExSS Begins Search For Extraterrestrials

Since the beginning of time, man has been on an adventure to search for extraterrestrials, and the recent discovery of new exoplanets has once again sparked interest in the subject of life on other...


Has NASA Really Created A Warp Drive?

Forget blowing bubbles, NASA may be on the path to discovering warp bubbles that will open up every corner of the universe for human exploration. We have broken the speed of sound, but now NASA...

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