The next Xbox One game from Rare could be revealed by Microsoft at E3 2015

Rare’s Creative Director Simon Woodroffe hinted strongly this weekend that the next Xbox One game from the Microsoft-owned UK developer could be revealed at E3 2015 in June.

Woodroffe used his Twitter account to answer fan questions, but apparently he revealed more than he should as his feed has since been locked out for everyone except his confirmed followers. Before that happened, IGN posted up his messages to fans. One of them stated, “E3 will tell the world what Gregg Mayles new project is about.” Mayles is a designer at Rare who has worked on games like the Donkey Kong Country series, Banjo-Tooie, and Viva Pinata.

Another person then asked if the game is original or based on an existing IP. Woodroffe responded with, “All I can give here is a quote from the man himself, ‘This is more fun than anything we’ve ever done.'”

Rare has been working on Kinect-exclusive games for the past few years, including Kinect Sports and Kinect Sports: Season Two for the Xbox 360 and Kinect Sports Rivals for the Xbox One. There are rumors that Microsoft is planning a revival of one of Rare’s older game franchises, Battletoads.
E3 2015 will be held in Los Angeles from June 16-18, but Microsoft has plans to hold its E3 press conference in LA on June 15. Windows Central will be there to get first hands reports on all of Microsoft’s announcements.


Source: Windows Central

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