Ever use Google Chrome? You need to install this NOW

Cyber thieves want your details and it seems many of us are still easy targets.Phishing continues to be one of the most common and dangerous scams online.

Cyber thieves trick people into handing over their account passwords and information via webpages and emails that look legitimate, but actually aren’t.

According to Google 2% of all emails sent via its Gmail service are malicious and of these 45% succeed in tricking users.

Google is now hoping to combat this ever growing problem with a free extension for the Chrome browser called Password Alert. (Click Here to Download)

Once installed, Password Alert will show you a warning if you type your Google password into a site that isn’t a Google sign-in page.

This protects you from phishing attacks and also encourages you to use different passwords for different sites.


ATTACK: Although this site looks official it’s actually a bogus page after your details

Here’s how it works:Once you’ve installed Password Alert, Chrome will remember a “scrambled” version of your Google Account password.

It only remembers this information for security purposes and doesn’t share it with anyone.

If you type your password into a site that isn’t a Google sign-in page, Password Alert will show you a notice like the one below.

This alert will tell you that you’re at risk of being phished so you can update your password and protect yourself.


ALERT: You will now be warned if your computer is being hacked


Google say they are constantly improving their Safe Browsing technology, which protects more than one billion people on Chrome, Safari and Firefox from phishing and other dangerous sites via bright, red warnings.And you can of course protect yourself by never clicking on an email that asks for personal data, especially any that wants passwords or bank details.


Source: Daily Star

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