Why Seth Rogen is angry with Apple

IT must be tough being a celebrity these days.

Apparently Seth Rogen is feeling a little envious of his celebrity counterparts who have been flaunting the new Apple Watch.

The comedian thought he would have been a shoo-in for the wearable gadget since he played Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak in the upcoming Steve Jobs biopic.

“I would hope I would get a free one, but I haven’t” he told TIME.

While divulging his disappointment in missing out on a free Apple Watch, he poked fun at the health monitoring system built into the watch.

“It’s just gonna tell me how lazy I actually am,” he said.

While Rogen has been struggling to get his hands on the merchandise, a number of celebrities have been busy showcasing the wares on social media.




Apple Watch

Source: News.Com.Au

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