Yahoo plans to beat Google Now, Siri, and Cortana

Yahoo has been experiencing growth and it is quite evident as the CEO of the search giant, Marissa Mayer, feels that they can compete with the likes of Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana, and Google’s Google Now. The company has been doing well in the search business and claims to have reached a 5 year high in search volumes.

The Yahoo CEO tries to explain how there is a need for more contextual results instead of just general search options like Wiki pages.

Marissa Mayer said, “Those products are really heavily differentiated both from each other as well as from the historic legacy products, and so that’s really where we see an opportunity to play in something that’s mobile. And as it moves to, for example, the watch, and on to television screens and video we think that there’s a really interesting place to play there, to help people make better sense of the content they already have access to, content in their mail, using more context to actually provide higher quality results.”

What Yahoo is trying to do here is to create a personal search network instead of a broader search result. Which would mean the search results for every individual might turn out to be different. For instance if you look for a restaurant on the search engine, it will not only consider your location as a key factor but also your previous culinary experiences.

The idea behind the contextual search is great but Yahoo will have to up its game to compete with search giants like Google who have an unmatched database and even Cortana who claims to provide personalized solutions.



Source: India Today

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